Sunday, 12 October 2014

How long will the UK citizens wait, its looking like Berlin in '38..

Following a discussion with a Twitter friend. I feel moved to blog.

The idea of the UK has taken a battering over the last few months. The fact that it us viewed as an outdated, clinging to imperialism ideal.

This has lead to a lot of people actually having an opinion, instead of just trying to please everyone all of the time. This illustrates what has happened to politics since the end of the Thatcher years. Both parties moved further and further to the centre, cutting off anyone with defined views or opinions as crackpots and the like. But as we see the rise of UKIP, I think it's clear that politics are going to go back to their left and right side. And this will involve a move back to grass roots politics.

However, with this, comes a danger. In Germany in the 1930s, the country was on its knees, still recovering from WW1, an outdated imperialist leadership seen as removed from the populous. Sound familiar? Then along comes this hugely charismatic guy, who made good on his promises. To give Germany back to the Germans, to put nationals before non-nationals. Again, sound familiar?
The UK is on the brink of something, and it is creeping up on us. It's easy to say how obvious Hitler was, with a post-war, post holocaust hindsight. In the 30s, many in the west revered him, thought his policies were progressive.
Take a look at what is happening in British politics (and latterly, but no less so, Northern Irish politics). All it needs is someone with charisma, to give a voice to the 1000s of disenfranchised, and they'll vote with their ballot cards.
 And then, when a democratic mandate has been spoken, it'll be too late.
The biggest threat to our democracy isn't terrorism or even religious extremism. It's voter apathy. Don't like what you see, the way to complain is not to not bother voting. It's the opposite. Get out there and vote next year. Or soon we may find ourselves complicit in some scary stuff.

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