Monday, 9 June 2014

Nutter, filth monger, comedy icon. bloke.

I, like so many of my peers, worshipped at the alter of the Young Ones. We quoted it, we laughed at it, hell, before student grants ended (ask someone over 40), some of us even lived it.

So, when I moved to South Devon in 1993, to be a barman at a pub near Dartmouth, and live the country life, I appeared to be in sync with my heroes of comedy.
One night, Bob Speirs turned up and got very drunk with a couple of friends. And he was great fun.

Then a few weeks later, having purchased property in the area (we heard on the grapevine), Rik Mayall came to the pub. It was initially very exciting, but then as I stopped being a dick, I realised he was human like the rest of us, and my up-until-then-lifelong worship of celebrities came to an end. Which has continued to this day.

But anyway, back to the pub, so at about 9ish, the door swung open, and purely by coincidence (no, really) Ruby Wax walked in. After a huge theatrical embrace between them, I served drinks at an unforgettable night of laughs and insight.

Over the years up until Riks quad bike accident, we ended up on nodding-pass-the-time-of-day terms. I worked at a local petrol stationn, then a hotel in Dartmouth. And saw Rik frequently, he was ALWAYS nice to kids that shouted Rik, Bottom or B'Stard isms at him. And he never ever played the celeb card.

Last time I saw him, he was walking along a Devon lane past a farm, top off, sun belting down, not a care in the world. All the crap of celebrity far away. I was driving, so I slowed, said hi, as did he, and off he went.

What a comedy giant. What an icon. What a normal bloke.

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