Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pop Music Reaches The Ice Age

A Big Husky Yawn

The New Boring - from The Guardian
Wow. Finally a national newspaper noticed something I've been bangin' on about for years.(mainly on facebook - the eternal mouthpiece to nowhere).
WHY WHY WHY does having a husky female voice mean genius?! WHY does being 18 yrs old and able to sing and play a guitar at the same time (sharp intake of breath) mean you're the future of pop?!! WHY does wearing meat equate to genius?! WHAT is the excitement with Mumford & Son - they're, so, you said it, beige. I'm not saying any of this music is even bad, just, its so polite, homogenized, and inoffensive. Not that I even want to be offended.
Pop is in the doldrums and I have no idea what will save it. I haven't been surprised by music for about 15 years or longer. In fact - the last time I heard something mainstream that actually made me sit up - would be Beck. 1994. Oh dear.
Soy un perdedor, baby.

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