Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The cost of having money

The riots in London and other major English cities should come as no surprise to anyone who actually walks around with their eyes open.
Over the last 25-30 years, since we saw the last serious inner city violence (in England at least), our society has made some amazing advances, not least with the formation of 1000s of community groups helping to keep a dialogue going between the people and the police and government.
However, our governments seem to think that the way to fix our social ill's is with money. With acquisition. With getting more stuff. It is interesting and maddening to watch Northern Ireland changing, and this belief is being perpetrated on us as well, with the building of a huge shopping centre, that seems to mean that now we have an Apple Store, the Troubles are really over.
The real problems in society now are a totally disengaged youth population, that look at everybody else, and wonder where their second car is, where their holiday home in Devon is, where their 3 holidays a year are. The trouble is two-fold. The youth think that acquiring stuff, the above things, will solve their problems, and also, secondly, so does our government.
Labour turned their back on society and went all right wing, and worse still we now have real right-wing politicians in power, who are desperate to destroy our health service and other public services and benefits.
It has been hilarious to watch all the politician's condemning the violence, and 'calling' (whatever the heck that means) for it to stop. Like the youth CARE what these dinosaurs think.
Take a look at the pictures I have attached. What strikes you about them? The mess? Or the people all stopping to take pictures with their mobile phones, as if this is all some kind of TV show put on for them to share with their friends?
Capitalism's house of cards is collapsing - look at the mess money and greed has made of Murdoch.  The trouble is that unlike in the early 80s, we can't fix inner city violence with the promise of owning your own home, a job in the city earning £100,00 a year, a mobile phone and a Golf GTI. Already tried that. Doesn't work.
If you want to get a job or even just get an interview, you need a third level qualification, trouble is, there's no jobs that 'befit' someone who studied for 4 years for a degree. Now, you have to start on £9500 per year whether you have a degree or not. The governments have lied to them as well. Degrees are now somewhat worthless, even though they leave you with £20,000 of debt. And anyway, what about those of us that didnt go to University, as is now seemingly your God-given right.
Any now I see that the police want to use plastic bullets, or call in the army. Do we learn NOTHING from the past?! Has our society become so arrogant and blinkered by its possessions that it can't see that if ONE person is killed by police or army action, there will be civil war, not just a few burning buildings.

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