Friday, 22 April 2011

Hope.. in a blue plastic bottle

Over the last few months.. and possibly years.. I have found myself becoming more and more disillusioned with ('popular') music. I think this reached a zenith just before I departed from HMV in June 2008. My cd collection had started to become unwieldy again, and I was buying things for the sake of owning them. This I might add is not an uncommon problem for record shop employees.
Although I also might add at this point, that 'record shop employee' is sadly, a phenomenally redundant description of HMV etc employees.
So when you're in trouble you call on a friend, this one being Simon Weller. He had been on tour as photographer for a 'super-duo' and I felt his ligging credentials were top notch. Plus the fact he's a top bloke with a musical listening history similar to mine.
So he suggested Deutsche Electronische Musik - the best (and maybe only) 100% quality early 70s German Electronica cd compilation there is. I hesitate to use the term Krautrock - but if it helps - there it is. This compilation is brought to us by the same people who came up with 100% Dynamite! Ska, Soul and Rocksteady - not obvious bedfellows.
I now find myself posting this because I appear to have been given some musical hope. I still cannot find anything new/contemporary that doesn't sound derivative or, frankly, beardy and fleet of fox... (I do like them - just hate seeing them on the cover of EVERY magazine over the last 3 months. Go away.).
So I have purchased some Neu, Harmonia and Cluster. I seem to like the Roedelius, Moebius and Rother stuff mainly, but it also has re-kindled my Kraftwerk love too.
I also recommend the BBC documentary Krautrock - The Rebirth Of Germany which features some AMAZING footage, and is so inspirational. It off iPlayer now but search YouTube - you'll find it! The guys just keep on keeping on. Faust are not my thing, but haven't deviated. Still doing their thing with great humour and artistic vision.
Get some of this stuff. Its not all easy listening - but Neu's Hallogallo is a great place to start.
All this stuff has made me realise we don't always need to keep going forward, when there's so much good stuff we haven't heard yet from the past!!!

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